Diversified Compliance Solutions (DCS)

DCS is a division of Ancon, which provides full service professional Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) technical field services. Our management staff collectively possess over 50 years of combined Environmental, Health, and Safety experience in the petrochemical, construction, general, and corporate industries.

Since inception, it has aggressively pursued its respective marketplaces to diversify its provided services and value added to its clientele. This process has consequently afforded a solid business model that concentrates in the following disciplines as its primary focus:

Confined Space Technical Rescue Teams
Professional Person In Charge (PIC) Services
Field Safety Professionals
Attendant Safety Watches , Fire Watches, Bottle Watches, Safety Overseers

Confined Space Technical Rescue Teams

DCS currently furnishes technical rescue services to industries executing permit-required confined space entries in accordance to T8 CCR §5157 and CFR Title 29 § 1910.146. This service enables and supports host employer facilities in meeting these mandates as set forth by OSHA. Our rescue teams are fully equipped and qualified to perform horizontal and vertical rescue configurations/scenarios of which companies may confront. DCS will provide all the necessary rescue apparatus and required planning documentation as to fulfil the regulatory requirements associated with proper administrative controls and confined space permitting. Rescue pre-planning may be accommodated; otherwise, rescue plans will be completed on site based upon thorough assessments of the subject spaces and project demands. Our rescue teams are mobile and available on a national level. Our rescue teams will remain at the confined space location to ensure emergency rapid intervention is exercised in the time of need.

Each member of our rescue team is educated and qualified to perform rope rescue.
Extrications and emergency medical services on a broad variety of process equipment and confined space configurations.


All risk/hazard situations
High angle/low angle retrieval performance tactics and methods
Confined Space Attendant qualified
Confined Space Supervisor qualified
Tactical planning procedures

Person in Charge (PIC) Services

DCS currently furnishes PIC personnel to its petroleum pipeline partners to serve in a job site representative and liaison role on behalf of the pipeline owners and operators. Our PIC personnel are available to support project engineers and pipeline management with the progression of their projects and the daily demands that may impact those operations. Our PIC personnel are closely associated with the field operations and contractor coordination for the purpose of efficient production and safe work practices. Most of our projects are highly visible to the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Office of Pipeline Safety. Consequently, DCS strives to furnish industry with the best candidates suitable to represent the demands and expectations of all jurisdictional regulatory bodies. We only provide PICs who meet the DOT Operator-Qualification requirements and educational backgrounds pursuant to their specific scopes of work. Our PICs are assessed for their competency in the areas of enforcing DOT and the American Petroleum Institute (API) guidelines as it pertains to pipeline maintenance, retrofits, modifications and new construction.

Field Safety Professionals

Staffing and Recruiting Services for EH&S Professionals / Onsite Field Representation

Retention of your best employees starts with beneficial recruiting, staffing and hiring strategies, policies and procedures. Hiring qualified employees is becoming more challenging as employers are hiring employees from a shrinking pool of qualified candidates. DCS has a pre-qualified candidate pool to fill your position and the needs surrounding professional safety services. This allows us to develop relationships with your potential candidates long before you need them. We have pre-screened, conducted background checks, performed drug/alcohol testing, and will ensure vocational enhancement requirements are met to fulfil the criteria of the specified job descriptions so it is not a burdened to our prospective clientele. We recruit and staff: EHS Professionals and Field Safety Representatives/Advisors.

Attendant Safety Watch, Fire Watch, Bottle Watch- Safety Overseers

Attendant Safety Watch:

DCS specializes in confined space management practices as it provides support services to confined space entry teams organizations/teams, such as entry supervision, permit executers and rescue team roles. The most critical member of an entry team, is the attendant safety watch. DCS furnishes attendant safety watches in industry to fulfil the requirements of the owner’s entry team roles and support the management of all required confined space documentation. Attendant safety watches are skilled personnel that are trained specifically on the hazards of a confined space, gas detection operation and atmospheric requirements of the space, permitting, and the roles of the entire entry team. DCS supplies these resources to various industries where there are confined space needs, but mainly to process outages and plant turnarounds.

Fire Watch:

DCS supplies services in a diverse market place where its business partners present the need for support personnel to integrate roles and responsibilities with their professional tradesman and skilled labor force. The DCS trained fire watches are commonly furnished to welding/hot work activities being conducted within, or around processes that present the potential of igniting combustible materials. Our fire watches are competent within refinery settings and like environments that require hot work produced sparks to be contained and extinguished eliminating ignition potential. Our fire watches are utilized to support the coordination, permitting and housekeeping duties associated with hot work activities. The DCS fire watches will acquire comprehensive training on fire chemistry, fire extinguishers, refinery safety, and hot work requirements to name a few prior to their initial assignment with DCS.

Bottle Watch-Safety Overseer

The DCS bottle watches serve a critical role during operations undergoing supplied airline respirators. This role is most critical due to the hazard level of the operation that requires maximum respiratory protection for worker protection. DCS maintains competent bottle watches that are supplied to our business partners and most importantly can be trusted when someone's life depends on their knowledge. Our bottle watches are tested on coursework instruction, physical assessments and personal evaluations of the candidate’s ability to physically operate and demonstrate the required competency levels when operating fixed and portable supplied air systems. Our bottle watches are trustworthy, dependable and reliable. Each bottle watch will receive training on a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and Workplace First Aid/CPR that also qualifies them to perform safety overseer functions on behalf of most of our business partners.